AL.VIS web-based software allows you to manage all of your environmental data and object information


Looking at the big picture while paying attention to detail!

The software developers are committed to this principle while designing and successfully implementing AL.VIS as part of one of the largest and most complex environmental remediation projects in Europe, the remediation of the former uranium mines in Saxony and Thuringia. The practical experience we have gained in national and international projects is advancing the development of the AL.VIS software suite.


AL.VIS is a software system for managing a wide range of geodata as well as monitoring data and object-related information. We are committed to develop convenient applications with clear data presentation. For this, we rely on state of the art technology for processing of spatial data, semantic searching, browser based use of the system, interaction with Web-GIS, different database systems, and mobile applications.

One outstanding feature of the AL.VIS software suite is the ability to network and intersect different information complexes (see structuring your data with AL.VIS), for example retrieving information and properties from measuring point positions by using the spatial analysis function of the database.

AL.VIS covers the entire data management process from creation, editing, searching, displaying, and reporting to storage.

AL.VIS enables you to a targeted search for data and information using one web-supported interface for:

  • Environmental data as time series or individual sample data for soil, air, and water
  • Cadastres (object-related information) of various types
  • Documents linked to objects or processes
  • Mine plans, survey data
  • Topographical, hydrological or geological maps
  • Images, maps, and aerial images