AL.VIS for the largest environmental remediation projects in Europe - the remediation of the former uranium mines in Thuringia und Saxony

AL.VIS connects data storage with complex search within a company-wide, standardised, web-based system. It involves the use of all AL.VIS components and applications for searching

  • Monitoring data (water, air, geotechnics etc.)
  • Object-related data (dumps, tailings, buildings, operating facilities etc.)
  • Documents, permissions, regulations
  • Parcel information in connection with SAP-LUM
  • Survey data
  • GIS data

AL.VIS provides approximately 3,500 ground- and surface water monitoring points with an annual increase of approx. 30,000 samples for user searching.

AL.VIS works with a fast Web-GIS. The GIS information for the remediation project extends throughout the German federal states of Saxony and Thuringia. The system is used by approximately 350 employees of Wismut GmbH as well as by licensing authorities in the federal states concerned.

AL.VIS/Timeseries for the State Reservoir Administration of Saxony

The AL.VIS/Timeseries module was introduced for centralised administration and search for quality assured measured values.

AL.VIS/Timeseries manages several hundred million measured values, gathered from dams and watercourses in Saxony. Routines for automatic data transfer from linked process control systems and data validation ensure that the values are fast accessible.

The water information platform for the Brandenburg State Authority for the Environment works with the AL.VIS software suite

For internal use, the information platform Water (APW) was set up in the LfU BB. WISUTEC contributes significantly to the functionality of the APW with the AL.VIS software suite. These include central, web-based search options for water management objects, time series from surface and groundwater monitoring, land parcels or also the measures implemented to fulfill the European Water Framework Directive. The aim of the APW is to provide all employees of the affected departments with quality-assured information quickly and easily. All searches can be combined and are equipped with a powerful Web GIS.

AL.VIS/Objects for the Abandoned Mine Cadastre in Saxony

AL.VIS/Objects was introduced by the Saxon Mining Authority for managing data across a wide range of objects related to abandoned mines in Saxony. Add-ons make it possible to gather data on mining damages or subsidence areas, manage mine plans, and prepare mining damage reports.

AL.VIS/Objects for managing dyke cadastre

AL.VIS/Objects is the software used by the State Authority for Flood Defence and Water Management in Saxony-Anhalt (LHW) for management of the dyke cadastre (DDB). All important information related to watercourses and associated objects are handled in the DDB. A Web-GIS provides support for the users during their search.