Manage your measurement networks with AL.VIS/TIMESERIES



This component allows you a comprehensive access to your monitoring data. AL.VIS/Timeseries provides you with all your measured values from different areas in a single system.

Along with the AL.VIS/Timeseries component, the AL.VIS information system has a highly convenient module for searching for measuring data gathered from environmental monitoring or other time series data.


AL.VIS/Timeseries contains methods for importing data from different sources (process databases, data loggers, Excel tables), for quality assurance, research, analysis and exporting. The used database model is very flexible: additional measuring parameters or new measuring points can be added easily. The easy to use diagram function processes very long time series with thousands of measured values very fast.




The Android app AL.VIS/TS-Mobile expands the access to the AL.VIS/Timeseries database. Using the app, you can search the stored measured values on-site, analyse the values in the diagram or view the measuring point locations in your vicinity on a map.